Membership In PHC

Value-Added Membership Health Enhancements

Joining PHC enhances your overall healthcare by providing options and services that are not available in traditional primary care practices. These comprehensive patient-centered services form the cornerstone of your personalized healthcare plan and allow each patient to individually and selectively tailor our services to meet their medical and wellness needs.

Benefits include:

  • Enhanced Access to Medical Providers
    • Same day or guaranteed next-day appointments available for urgent medical issues
    • A Medical Provider from PHC is available by telephone after business hours and on weekends to assist patients with urgent medical issues
    • Medical providers spend as long as each patient needs to have their medical and wellness issues addressed to their satisfaction
  • Annual Health Enhancement Evaluation
    • Comprehensive body composition analysis
    • Nutrition assessment
    • Flexibility, mobility and strength testing
    • Aerobic endurance appraisal
    • Individual lifestyle enhancement recommendations
    • Referrals to PHC Value-Added Community Partners as appropriate
  • Expedited referrals to qualified specialists as needed
  • On-Site Clinical Laboratory Services
  • On-site pharmacist for Medical management of prescriptions and oversight of drug therapy and potential side effects
  • Coordination of integrative services, including adjunctive alternative treatment modalities
  • Patient educational seminars on important medical issues by experts in various specialities
  • Nursing home and assisted living visits by a Nurse Practitioner if needed for medical reasons within a limited geographical area
  • Patient communication blog on medical topics of interest
  • Assistance with planning for travel, including arranging travel clinic appointments for recommended vaccinations and providing prophylactic medication prior to travel
  • Assistance with medical issues involving family members and other visitors from out-of-town